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Google AdSense vs affiliate marketing earning via Facebook advertisement 2018


Google AdSense vs affiliate marketing earning via Facebook advertisement 2018 : hello friends in these article I am going to share how you can receive traffic to your website or affiliate product via Facebook advertising I am writing these article because many blogger and affiliate marketers are asking these question how to receive traffic on blog ,website or affiliate link via Facebook advertising.Google AdSense vs affiliate marketing earning via Facebook advertisement with attached proof 2018.

How to run Facebook ads campaign for website traffic or affiliate product 2018

To run Facebook advertising you need some investment you need at least 40 INR per day investment and after getting good response you can increase your investment. To run Facebook advertising many tricks are available in market but in these article I am sharing perfect method to run your Facebook advertising step by step if you have a website or blog then post article regularly if you want to earn some money then you can use these method but I will suggest not to depend on these method follow the below steps to advertise on Facebook perfectly.

1.ARTICLE SELECTION: First you should select the trending page like YouTube trending page YouTube trending page always has the videos which are mostly seen by visitors on internet you have to write same type of article when you are using Facebook advertising for e.g. as we all know yesterday a song new song was upload on YouTube of Sanju movie you can write a suspense article about that song like - know why bhopu baj raha hai song is not used in movie people will like to know the reason but when you use national topic you will receive traffic from India only you have to use the topic which is trending on all over the world example first day collection of mission impossible vs. avenger infinity war day collection  if you are using the tech topic such as top 10 mobile phones in world, mobile phone reviews etc. these topic will give you less traffic because people show less interest on such topics.

2. CPC ON BLOG OR WEBSITE:  if you are receiving traffic socially visitor will be good but you will not receive Good CPC, CPC will be very less but if you are a beginner and you want to receive traffic to sale your product or affiliate product then Facebook advertisement is good option but first you have to do testing of the product for seven days to select good product that will convert your visitor. You can visit RVCJ and TOPTENZ to collect the latest trending topic for your blog.

3. FACEBOOK ADVERTISEMENT: if you are working on technical website then do work but to receive good traffic from Facebook advertisement you should write viral content article to create a perfect Facebook advertising below is the following steps:

1. Click on the create advertisement.

2. Click on traffic

3. Country selection: select the country which has low CPC if you are selecting high CPC country like USA, Australia cost of advertising will be more below is the list of country which you can select, if you are choosing low CPC country than by investing one rupee you can receive 15 to 30 visitors.

4. Age: Select age from 13 to 60 plus

5. Gender: click on all

6. Language: English

7. Unclick all messages; audience network, instagram, automatic placement and select use feed section.

8. Minimum budget you have to set is 350 INR and unclick the link click option and select impression because our article is related to viral content so we only have to show impression and visitor will automatically click on that impression and in bidding amount place 20 INR to reach 1000 users, select stand to accelerate, by clicking accelerate option we are telling Facebook to clear all our traffic.

9. Select the Facebook page on which you want to run the ads and select the single and catchy image, article tittle should be same as Facebook advertisement tittle because sometime Facebook not approve the ads campaign

10.Do not click on any add on button, when you add ,add on button such as learn more URL will not be visible in such case audience may get diverted. If all is set then click on continue option you ad will go for review.

11. Affiliate product: If you are using affiliate product then you will get a very good response after testing of the product. Remember one thing in affiliate marketing if you want to earn 1000$ a day then you has to invest 10% to 20% of 1000$ daily and these is only the one and best method to earn from affiliate marketing. 'Google AdSense vs affiliate marketing earning via Facebook advertisement 2018'

Google AdSense vs. affiliate marketing:   In below image I am discussing about the fact how you can earn more as compare to affiliate marketing above I have discussed the fact that when you receive traffic socially you will get less CPC on Google AdSense you can use these traffic to earn money from affiliate marketing in Google AdSense we will earn from cost per click which varies country to country .But when we are using the same traffic to earn form affiliate product you will earn more because in affiliate product the earn is depended on conversion and the conversion commission is fixed suppose the conversion commission is 30 $ then you will earn 30 $ every time when any one buy the product from your affiliate link.In short to earn good money from Google you should use affiliate product every website or blog which has good traffic they add affiliate product to their website example : you can see the website harsh agrawal he is not using Google AdSense ads to earn money he only promote his own product to earn money online he sells his own experience which he had lean in his career."Make money by using Facebook advertisement from your blog or affiliate link 2018"

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