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How to Setup a Live Streaming on YouTube with attached proof 2018


How to Setup a Live Streaming on YouTube with attached proof 2018 Like TV channel you can also become live by using the internet. YouTube offer you this option if you have a YouTube channel you can do live streaming. Live streaming means your activity will be online what you are doing speaking will be directed online. Many YouTube use this option to get views and subscriber on their videos. YouTube also has many live steaming videos of a any place, space ,jungles ,live channels, live cam linked to the channel etc. when you start first time enable the live streaming option and verify by using your mobile number. Steps to go online with live streaming on you tube 2018

How to go online with live streaming on you tube 2018

Steps to Setup a Live Streaming on YouTube 2018

1.Login to YouTube and upload any video it will ask you to make a channel or you can directly make a channel on YouTube. For live streaming it is not necessary that your channel contain videos.

2.After login to YouTube channel on the left side you will see the option live streaming below the video manager click on live streaming.

3.After clicking a broadcast screen will open with options offline at the top and live streaming checklist at the right side of the broadcast screen.

4.Click on the live streaming checklist option select setup encoding software

5.Before you can start streaming on YouTube, you need to download encoding software. Encoding software allows you to capture content, including your desktop, camera, microphone, and more, and send it to YouTube Live to be streamed to all your friends and viewers.

6.Click on guide to encode a new window will open with a list of all encoding software please do not use any of them because all are paid and some are with one month trial option only. If you want to use you can use.

7.Below all software open broadcast software (OBS studio) is available below the other encoder option download it, it is free and easy to use, now download, install and open the software.

8.Below in the basic info option encoder setup option are present with server URL and stream name/ key

9.Stream name/ key is like your password doesn’t share it with any one, click on reveal option it will show the code copy and paste the code in the OBS studio. ‘Steps to Setup a Live Streaming on YouTube 2018’

10.To paste the code in OBS studio open the setting of OBS studio click on stream and paste the stream key, now in OBS studio go to source option below the broadcast screen ,add video capture device or any other option you want and finally click on start streaming option and you will become online. “Steps to go online with live streaming on you tube 2018”


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